T for Two

TsignMany positions that allow a wife to feel her husband’s power do not allow husband and wife to be face to face.  Yet, there is something about the security, trust and knowing expressed when a wife can look her husband eye to eye as he shares his passion.

The “T” position starts with the wife lying on her back with her bottom on the edge of the bed.  (There is an obvious opportunity for OB/GYN parallels here, but don’t go there unless you want all sex appeal to be lost.)  The husband stands at the edge of the bed and aligns his pelvis with hers. Together, their bodies make a “T” shape.  Pillows and wedges come in handy to prop up her hips if needed or he can stand on a stool or bend his knees to match their heights.

Visually, this position is a winner for husbands.  Not only does he get a view of his wife’s body, but he can also see his manhood in action.  The wife can use her hands to touch her breasts, manually stimulate her clitoris or whatever else may be tantalizing for the duo.  With some simple adjusts, such as him leaning back or switching the angle of her hips, G-spot stimulation is pretty easy to achieve as well.

Since the distance between spouses doesn’t allow for easy kissing, the husband and wife can use their mouths to speak arousing and connecting words.  She can describe his power and what she appreciates about his physique.  He can compliment the unique beauty of her body, suggest what he’d like to see her do with her hands, or describe how it feels to be inside her.

And don’t forget the eyes – the power of this position!  Locked eye contact ensures the undeniable presence of both spouses being fully engaged in every second of the encounter.

It’s important for husbands to consider that some women can feel un-grounded – and thereby distracted and unable to be fully present in the action – if their legs are not secured.  Instead of leaving them dangling, drape her legs over his shoulder, prop her feet flat on his torso with her knees bent, wrap his arms around her knees holding them against his chest or bend her legs around his body so that her feet interlock or rest on his back.

Another great attribute of the “T” position is that spouses can move the action from the edge of bed, to the edge of a table, a counter or other flat surface.  “T” time anyone?


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  1. In case Ruth and you ever wondered….I want you to know that I appreciate all the AL posts! I am very grateful for your ministry! I have learned so much and my mind/thought process is expanded every week because of AL! Thank you for your obedience and accepting this call in your life! It has made a world of difference in our marital bed! Grateful for both of you, Stacey

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement, Stacey! Keep on the journey with God and your husband!

  2. As a man this position makes a really nice change up and allows for some powerful thrusting and also allows the man to slide his manhood up over the labia stimulating the clit. Now on then he can be snatched in and do her the thrill of being filled up. Going slow with shallow thrust and then deeper every now and then can also be a real winner. Good reminder to use variety as it is the spice of good sex. Thanks for another good post!

  3. Anonymous for privacy on this post

    This would not work for us because in 2 years of marriage he has never gone ‘in’, but he thinks he’s gone ‘in’. We are past childbearing so it’s not an issue. At first I would tell him he had never been in, but he was so adamant that I stopped saying anything, but I felt like a liar; finally, now, I just go with the flow. I don’t know how he could really believe that we are fully engaged. But if we tried this position, he’d see it. (We do whatever it is we do – I’ve heard it referred to as ‘outercourse’ – four or five times a week, he is happy, I am happy, which is all that matters.)

    • If you are happy, then that is great! If you desire more, then I encourage you to pray for wisdom and opportunities to gently guide your husband. Perhaps a light bulb would go off for him if he read about this position. Thanks for sharing your experience!

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