Awaken-Love Women’s Study

There is More!

Whether a newlywed or celebrating your 50th anniversary,
whether your marriage is strong or struggling,

God has more for every woman to experience with Him and with her husband.

Awaken-Love is a six week study for married women to discover God’s design for intimacy – with her husband and with God.  Surrounded by a safe group of women, we explore God’s design for sex within marriage based on His Word. We encourage each other as we shed the lies and baggage that hold us back, gain a new appreciation for our body and our husband’s body and stretch into being the Godly and sensuous lovers we are created to be.

What You Will Learn

Most of us realize how destructive sex is outside of God’s design, but do we also realize how powerfully good sex can be within marriage? The Awaken-Love study goes beyond giving you an understanding of God’s design for sex within marriage. We also help you figure out how to experience God’s full freedom and blessing in your own marriage. We don’t talk about sex just in vague spiritual terms, but in respectful conversations that educate, encourage and heal. The Awaken-Love class is about reclaiming the amazing way that God gave us to connect with our spouse and acknowledging that it does not necessarily come naturally or easily.

The study incorporates reading assignments from Song of Songs, and the Christian books Intimate Issues and Sheet Music.  Relevant articles from Christian sources are emailed daily.  Application homework is assigned to encourage personal growth and put into practice what we learn each week.

The six week study provides the full picture of sex within marriage.

  • Week 1 – What is intimacy?
  • Week 2 – God’s design for sex, being Godly and sensuous, the power of the mind
  • Week 3 – Lies, baggage from the past, and body image issues
  • Week 4 – Boundaries, communication, using the five senses
  • Week 5 – How our body works
  • Week 6 – How his body works, frequency issues, date ideas

What Women Are Saying

“Going into your class I thought I had the “sex” thing figured out, but I have realized sex is not just a way for me to serve my husband. Sex is a powerful way to connect with my husband as well. God designed sex for BOTH of us.”

“Your reading list and emails were the spark we needed to open up to each other. We have been praying together a lot more…. God has answered my prayers.”

“For the past 30 years of our marriage …I never fully realized how not having regular sex impacted my husband and our marriage. I wish I had taken Awaken-Love when I was a young mother.”

“I am so thankful that God led me to your class as it opened my eyes to God’s true vision for sex in marriage, and what a gift it is.  You’ve helped me start on a journey of healing and developing a healthy, positive view toward sex.”