How Video Classes Work

In order to benefit from the full experience of the Awaken-Love Video Class, married women take the class in groups of two to fifteen women. Women cannot sign up individually on their own. Each class must have a Video Facilitator that is willing to take on the role of shepherding the class. Registration and all information about running the class goes thru the Video Facilitator. Below are the basic steps of how the video class works:

  1. Find a Video Facilitator – The first step is to identify someone that is willing to shepherd the class, guide the class discussions and manage the class registration. (See the Video Facilitator Guide for more specific information about the role). It is conceivable that this role could be divided so that one woman takes care of the administrative tasks and another runs the group discussion, etc.
  2. Decide on a time and six meeting dates for the class. The class will meet for two hours once a week for six weeks. You will need to know your weekly meeting dates in order to register the class. The weekly meeting dates initiate the daily class emails sent to each Class Participant.
  3. Find a private location for the class to meet. It must have a screen (computer or tv) and sound system that can stream the internet to view the videos. Basements, private living rooms or church classrooms are great places to meet. Discussion works best sitting in circles.
  4. Invite women to the class using the sample invitation and flyerThe cost of registration for the Awaken-Love Video Class is $10 per woman. You might decide to increase the overall cost charged to class participants to cover copying the curriculum, acquiring the books Sheet Music and Intimate Issues, or even for a room rental fee. You should collect the name and email address of each woman who will participate in the class to use for important future email communications.
  5. Each Class Participant will need a copy of the books Sheet Music by Kevin Leman and Intimate Issues by Lorraine Pintus and Linda Dillow before the class begins. They can purchase these new or used, or you can provide them and charge accordingly.  For your convenience, you can purchase the books through Amazon here.
  6. At least a few days before class starts the Video Facilitator must register and pay for the Video Class. She will input her name, private email address, city, state, six weekly meeting dates of the class and the number of participants. She must make payment using PayPal of $10 per Class Participant, including herself. It is possible to add class participants at a later date by emailing Video Facilitator will be asked to affirm agreement with the Video Facilitator GuideVideo Facilitator Agreement and Video Class Terms and Conditions during the registration process.  Please read these documents prior to registering the class.
  7. After registration, the Video Facilitator will receive a URL link that should be immediately forwarded to the Class Participants. Each Class Participant must use the link to create an online account by inputting her name and private email address. This information will be used for the daily class emails and gives her access to other resources, including the participant discussion forum.
  8. The Video Facilitator and Class Participants can login for 90 days from the date that the Video Class is registered.  After logging in, the Video Facilitator will access the resources needed for the Video Class. Resources include a pdf file of the Awaken-Love curriculum, the six class videos, a Video Facilitator training video, sample class welcome and class wrap up emails and a video facilitator discussion forum.
  9. Before the Video Class starts the Video Facilitator will need to
    1. watch the Video Facilitator Training Video;
    2. send out a welcome email to the Class Participants reminding them to use the link to create an online account, and notifying them of the class meeting dates and the required books – see a sample;
    3. test the video stream at the class location;
    4. make and bind a copy of the curriculum for each Class Participant. The curriculum can be spiral bound, put in three ring binders or put in 3 prong folders; and
    5. purchase Dove dark chocolates to be used during Week 4 of the class.  One chocolate per Class Participant is needed.
  10. The first day of class the Video Facilitator will need:
    1. to bring her Bible;
    2. to login to access the video lesson;
    3. to bring copies of the curriculum for each Class Participant; and
    4. to provide name tags if necessary.