One of the topics that we have spoken about at a past event may be just what you are looking for to whet women’s appetites for growth in their marriage. We would also be happy to craft a talk based on your audience and ideas. Please contact us and share the vision for your event.


Intimacy – It’s Not Ordinary

Ephesians 5:31-32 says that “Becoming One” is a picture of the intimacy God desires with us. Prepare to be blown away as we strip away all the pre-conceived ideas about sex and discover God’s deepest desire for you and your marriage bed.


How to Love Your Husband with Every Day A.C.T.S.

What we do every day matters more than what we do once in a while. We need to love our husband with our Attitude, the way we Communicate, spending Time together and by embracing God’s gift of Sex.  Learn practical ways to love your husband even in the busyness of life.



If God says that sex should be refreshment for us, then why does it feel so challenging? Spend time examining the lies that women receive about sex and how they affect us. Learn the truth about God’s design for sex, why He created it, and what it can look like in your marriage.

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God Designed Sex to be a Priority

God designed sex to be a priority in every season of marriage.  We share why God gave us the gift of sex, what obstacles may be holding us back from experiencing all that He intends, and practical applications to make sex a priority in our marriage.


Conversations with Your Kids about Sex

In today’s world it is essential that we have open conversations with our kids about God’s design for sex – and not just how babies are made. Learn four principles and ten tips to communicate about the amazing gift of sex in marriage and why it is worth remaining pure for marriage.