Video Facilitator Agreement

The mission of the Awaken-Love ministry is to encourage men and women to claim God’s design for intimacy and equip them to share that truth with others.

I have been called by God to facilitate an Awaken-Love Video Class in order to equip and encourage women to claim God’s design for intimacy and to share that truth with others. My calling has been affirmed by my spouse and godly friends.

I follow the one true God, have been redeemed through the blood of Jesus Christ my Savior and depend on the Holy Spirit for His power and discernment.

In all that I do, I will point to God’s truth as the one true source for God’s design for marriage, sex and intimacy.

I have read the Video Facilitator Guide, and to the best of my ability with God’s help, will facilitate the Awaken-Love Video Class accordingly.

I will uphold to the best of my ability the foundational truths of the Awaken-Love ministry.

I will honor the confidentiality of the women in the Awaken-Love Video Class.

I understand that I do not change people – only God does. I will above all pray for God’s truth, healing and transformation. As needed I will point those in the Video Class to additional resources that might be helpful.

I am voluntarily facilitating the Awaken-Love Video Class and will not receive compensation from the Awaken-Love ministry.

I understand that the intent of the Awaken-Love ministry is not to make money, but to minister to as many people as possible about God’s design for intimacy, and will charge for Video Class accordingly.

I understand that because the Awaken-Love ministry must be beyond reproach, I cannot solicit the sale of any products – including vibrators, marital aids and health supplements – before, during or after the Video class. In addition, no one should bring these items to the Video Class for demonstration or sale.

I will use wisdom and discernment in advertising the Awaken-Love Video Class so as to reach potential attendees in gracious ways that acknowledge the fact that the Video Class is not for everyone.

I agree to not edit or modify the Awaken-Love curriculum without approval, and to not use Awaken-Love resources for other purposes without permission.